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About Vrindavan
Vrindavan, just 15 km from Mathura, is another major place of pilgrimage. It is noted for its numerous temples - both old and modern. The name Vrindavan evokes the playfulness and lovable characteristics of Shri Krishna. This is the wood where he frolicked with the gopis and tenderly wooed Radha.Set in idyllic environs, this beautiful city has many jewel palaces and temples surrounded by the best of nature's bounty. The regal swans in the waters of the Yamuna, among the beautiful lotus flowers, the kadamba trees, fragrant flowers and the sweetly singing make it place of spiritual peace.
Vrindavan Mathura
There are over 5,000 temples in Vrindavan. Attracting about 500 000 pilgrims every year, mainly during major festivals like Janmashtami, Holi and Radhashtami, it is noted for its numerous temples, both old and modern, big and small, believed to be around 5000 in number!
The name 'Vrindavan' is a derivative of the term 'Vrinda', which is akin to Tulsi plant that grows profusely through out the length and breadth of the city. Legend says that the entire surroundings were a tulsi coppice at one time. Some others believe that the term Vrindavan stands for Vrinda devi, one among the milkmaids.
Iskon Temple
Newly constructed ISKON temple is one of the most impressive ones with funds coming from devotees overseas. The marble buildings exude their own brilliance and present an example of intricate carving. It owes its existence to Swami Prabhupada, a Hindu devotee born in Bengal in 1896. Today, ISKON is a worldwide movement with followers from many different ethnic backgrounds
Pagal Baba Temple
Founded by Late Pagal Baba, this gleaming white temple has eleven stories in all. One of the modern architectural examples, the temple retains the playfulness of Pagal Baba in the spirit of his disciples who are ready to welcome the visitors into the temple's interior. One can get some good views of the surrounding area from the ninth storey. The main attractions are the puppets exhibited in the temple. Some of them are mechanized and depict scenes from Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
Mashru Peak
Mashru Peak - One can hike through thick forest around Kufri to the Mahasu Peak- the highest peak in Kufri.
Govind Dev Temple
Govinda Dev Temple was a grand seven-story structure, with an altar of marble, silver and gold. Architecturally this temple is one of the finest in North India. A sculptured lotus flower weighing several tons decorates the main hall ceiling. It was built in 1590 by Raja Man Singh from Jaipur, a general in Akbar's army. It was said to have cost ten million rupees and several thousand men were working for five full years to complete it.
Bankey Bihari Temple
One of the most important and lively temples is the Bankey Bihari, which houses a sacred image of Krishna known as Thakur Ji, which shows Krishna embodied in almost black color. Devotees can be seen playing amall cymbals to timeless tunes of worship and singing hymns to its rhythm and offering garlands of flower petals and offer them to the statue while Brahmins occasionally draw across the curtain to let the devotees catch the glimpse of the great Lord.
How to Reach vrindavan
By Air: The nearest airport is Agra around 67 km away from Vrindavan. Regular flights connect Vrindavan to other important tourist destinations of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Khajuraho. The nearest international airport is Delhi, which is connected to almost every important city in the world with major airlines.
By Train: Though Vrindavan itself is a railway station, the major and nearby railway station is Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line. Several express trains connect Mathura from other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Agra.
By Road: Vrindavan is connected to Mathura and all other places of interest in Braj by bus services and is placed on direct road link from Delhi and Agra. Getting to Vrindavan from Mathura is very easy as there are frequent buses, shared tempos, and taxis available throughout the day.
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